Buy Mortimer, Buy!

Just go with the trend. The trend is your friend. And, once you’re IN, within reason anyway, STAY ON TARGET! (Star Wars). For example today I bought 200 extra shares of NFLX at 410 for an extra day trade. I got tired of watching it keep going up. And after I bought it, it plummeted to almost 407, but I held on, and sold at 412 which wasn’t even the high, but looked like a gift after being down over three points.

I mean, if it looks crazy you gotta pull the plug but I’ve gone from minus two thousand dollars to plus two hundred dollars on trades on this sucker just by holding overnight. There was a trade I did in GOOGL and NFLX where I got caught in a GOOGL long from 5/2 and a NFLX short from 5/12 when NFLX was heading up. I was down ten grand at one point. But then that Thursday May 15th came when NFLX plummeted and I was happy to cover at 341 and make zero (as opposed to losing nine grand). And sell the GOOGL at a three per share profit.

NFLX is not for the feint of heart. I mean I have 100 shares I have held since 2007 and have no plans to sell, but I day or overnight trade many hundreds of shares at a time since. Ironic thing is – if I’d just bought and held NFLX since May 15th I’d have made much more than day trading the hell out of it. But, a profit’s a profit, and on 5/21 just by holding NFXL from morning ’til night I made ma$$.

I have done options on GOOGL lately, and QQQ, but haven’t with NFLX. Much safer (on an UNsafe stock) to trade the actual stock.

In my opinion, the over all trend of the stock market right now is: even if it plummets one or two days in a row, within a day or two of the drop, people will be buying like crazy again for many days in a row. So, right now, rather than trying to guess when the drops will happen, just go long as long as the market is going up. And if it does go down, wait a day or two, and jump back in, long, with everyone else. You can’t keep a good man down and the over all trend, is UP!

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