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Follow these to avoid being traced back to an old EBAY account of yours:

1. New email address

2. New name

3. New address

4. New telephone number

5. New credit card

6. New bank account

7. Delete cookies

8. Delete flash objects

9. Change IP address

10. Pick PayPal or your own merchant account as your payment method to receive payments.

11. List items for sale – and awaaaaay you go.

Even being a PowerSeller does not immunize you.

Powersellers Suspended From eBay

According to eBay, most “Powersellers” get suspended from eBay, or have been suspended. Does this give you cause to think twice?

Who’s To Blame?

If an eBay member is suspended, whose fault is it? Is it because the member is doing something wrong, or is it because eBay cocked up?

If it is due to the member’s behaviour, what was the problem?


There appear to be five main reasons why an eBay member should find his account suspended. These are:

1 Selling Counterfeit, Fraudulent, Stolen or Mis-Described Goods

Judging by the number of eBay items with obviously misleading descriptions or titles, this is one of the less serious reasons as far as eBay are concerned, and eBay will only suspend a seller if enough other members complain.

2 Failing to pay eBay fees on time.

This seems to rate highly, as if eBay selling fees are not paid on time, then the account is suspended, and no further selling activity can take place.

3 Repeated Copyright Violations

Using other people’s copyright images, text, and sometimes copying complete eBay listings will result in a ban, at least if you get reported enough times, possibly three or more. Of course, if nobody notices or complains, then you can get away with it indefinitely. The reason that eBay will suspend or terminate you account is that if they fail to do so, they themselves could be held responsible for permitting, or failing to stop, the violations, and they could be sued for large amounts of money. Courts may decide to award actual and punitive damages, and eBay would have little if any defence, and would almost certainly have to pay the other party’s legal fees, which could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars or pounds.

4 Whistle Blowing

One of the quirkier eBay rules is that members may not contact each other to warn about other members suspected of fraud or selling counterfeit goods. Anybody caught doing so will have their account suspended or terminated. This strikes us as very unfair indeed, and we wonder if it is because eBay are making plenty of money from the crooks?

5 eBay‘s Incompetence or Negligence

eBay have been known to suspend members by mistake, and we believe it is quite common, They probably also do so out of fear. Because there are few if any checks when members first join or start to sell, and eBay suddenly notice that a member is selling large volumes or values of goods, they are likely to panic and suspend a member, then ask questions later.

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